Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stuff we made this year

We made ALOT of our gifts this year, I would say about 1/2 of all our gifts were handmade, or at least some part of it was. The girls and I made these scarves for all the grandparents on my side of the family (my mom, dad, grandma, and mom's husband who the girls call papaw as well). I got the idea from Sara's Art House, the girls helped cut the fringe and then stitched the words on, I zigzagged them onto the scarves (although I am a little embarrassed to say I did, I took a picture of the worse of the 4). We put hearts on the grandmas, a mitten on one and a football shape on the other of the grandpa's.

We made these pillows for my mom, with a reindeer made of each of the 4 granddaughters foot and hand prints, and for my sister with just her girls. I got this idea from some craft blog but cannot find it now. Their pillows were plain with the reindeer on them, I added the Christmas fabric boarder. The girls stuffed these themselves and had a BLAST doing it who would have thought adding stuffing could be so much fun for an 8, 3, and 2 year old :)A close up of Bethanie's.I made tu-tus for my nieces and my cousin's little girl. Found how to make them from Mom Dot, they are SOOO easy. Here is Alyvia's (2 year old niece), the tiara, boa, and necklace I found in the dollar section at the local grocery store. The tank top was one of Elianna's that she had never worn, I painted Alyvia's name on it with pink glittery fabric paint. I was so happy with how the hole set went together. This is Baby Bailey's, it looks much longer than it actually was. I would say it was no more than 8 inches long. The crown on a head band I also found in the dollar section, it was cheap made but looked SO cute on her.I also made both of the nieces an outfit. I made the skirts like this one (which is where I got the instructions for making them). The shirts I bought then cut one of the princesses from the skirt fabric and attached it to the shirt along with the first letter of their names. For Alyvia I made a little purse to match as well (she LOVES purses more than anything else). They turned out REALLY cute but I didn't get a picture of them.

We painted sweat shirts for my dad and my grandma. Here's my grandma's, feet and hand print angels. I had seen these on a kids site to make these angels with construction paper and tried it on a sweatshirt. I was happy with the turn out even though we got paint in a few places it wasn't suppose to be. I didn't take pictures of my Dad's. We actually made him 2, one with pictures of the 4 girls that said Papaw's girls. Then at the bottom said "Girls just wanna have fun...with their papaw", I was really tired when I painted the words on the shirt and kinda regretted it later. DH thought it sounded kinda bad. The other one we put the girls hand prints on it and wrote "Best Papaw, Hands down".

I also made a very cute apron for SIL that I made from a panel that I got from Walmart. I added a ruffle to the bottom and lined it so it could be reversible. It had snowmen and was really cute but I forgot to take pics of it too.

The girls also made my mom pictures of her and them. They drew the pictures with markers, wrote "Mamaw and Me" and I put them in frames. Mom loved them.

I really enjoyed making gifts for everyone, enjoyed being creative, seeing their faces when they opened their homemade gifts, but it really wore me out. Next year I still want to make alot of gifts but will start MUCH earlier. I was so last minute on some of these gifts that I was up till after 6 am on Christmas day (DH was waking up for the day as I was going to bed for the night, lol). And then had to finish my cousin's little girl's tutu in the van on the way to our Christmas gatherings. And I still have at least 2 more gifts to make -purses for my mom and sister. And was wanting to make my mom and sister a calender with the artwork by the kids.

Other than gifts we made some other things as well. The girls both made one of these in Wednesday night class at church. It's simply a paper with "shadows" of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. They colored them blue, then they rubbed baby oil on them to make them transparent. They glued craft sticks for the stable, glued glitter on a star and put on the top. Then put a little lamb with a cotton ball as wool on the front. I sat them in the front windows where we have Christmas lights on the inside. These were such easy ornaments but I just LOVE them. They look SOOOO pretty at night when it's dark outside and the Christmas lights are on. They look like they are all lit up. The picture doesn't really show how truly pretty they look.
Lastly I saw these snowmen doughnuts here. They were so simple but so cute, I just had to make them for the girls. Well when I was at the store getting the white doughnuts I saw the chocolate ones and wanted some of them too. The next morning when I was making them for the girls I had a great idea. I made whole snow men instead of just the heads....

And I also made......
PENGUINS!!!! The girls and DH got a big kick out them.
This is my 3rd post for today so be sure to look below for the other 2. And look for another, a new year/ a year in pictures post coming soon but not now because we are off to go out to eat seeing as how all we have had is a bowl of cereal all day.

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