Monday, January 19, 2009

Need to take a break

I know I don't post very often on my blog anyways but I feel if I make a post about this then I will be more willing to hold myself to it. I am only going to have ONE "not for school" Internet day a week. That day will be Saturdays. So from here on out I plan to not visit my boards, my blogs, or any other site that doesn't pertain to school on any day other than Saturdays (and I can't guarantee I will even have time every Saturday). I thought I would have plenty of time to do school work in my free time BUT I didn't realize not only do I have class and lots of homework (and man is it a lot, A LOT of reading, A LOT of writings, and lots of class projects), but I also have field time that wasn't scheduled in. I thought Wednesdays and Thursdays were going to be free, those and Tuesdays were going to be my days to get all my work done so that evenings were pretty free to do all the evenings normal mom stuff. However after having my first days of all my classes I realized that isn't going to be the case. Wednesdays I have to go to one site for one class, Thursdays I am volunteering with Big Brother, Big Sister for another class. Then I have to fit in visits with 4 teachers from at least 2 different schools for my intro in Early childhood ED class and then observe one class room with a literacy center and begin working with a student for my literacy class all within the next 2 weeks!!! So i am off to go set up some field time, see you Saturday... maybe :)


4onfaith said...

I am so glad you are doing school S! Great place to focus your attention - will miss you though!

Lyndsey said...

Hi girl! Thanks for stopping by--it was good to "see" you. Your girls are so beautiful.:) It sounds like you guys are doing well! I will post a picture of the quilt I made as soon as I'm done. I had to hand quilt it because the batting was too thick for my machine (lessons learned, right?) so it's taking me longer than I had planned. I had hoped to be done because it's a gift for an old friend of mine that I'm going to see in two weeks who is having her first baby, so I can't post pictures before I give it to her--I'm not sure if she checks my blog or not.
See you around!:) ((((hugs))))

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