Sunday, February 22, 2009


WOW! I won an award!! Thanks Jen!!! I think it's my first one ever!!

The rules for this award:
Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
Show the winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.”
They can keep the little Honest Scrap sign.

Ok, well I think all the blogs that I would give this to have already recieved it so....

Then list at least 10 honest things about yourself.
1. I would love to someday "Flip" a house. That's where you buy a cheap house, redo everything that needs done, then turn around and sell it again. You can make a years sallery in about 2 months. This would be a good summer activity for me after I become a teacher and the kids are older :)

2. I finally feel like "YES, I really can do this college thing", it took me getting some grades in to really feel this way.

3. I do miss my nieces but I DO NOT miss babysitting!

4. My house is unbelieveable cluttered, messy, and right now dirty but unless someone mentions coming over, it doesn't really bother me to much. Well at least not enough to actually postpone other things in order to get it organized and cleaned up.

5. I am shy and insecure but I am working really hard to overcome it.

6. I am more excited about the David Cook concert that I am going to with an old friend and 2 of her friends that I don't know, than I have been about anything for quite a while :) only 5 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls night out!!!! Ok, so one of the friends is a guy, from Moroco but that's ok.

7. No one in my real life knows I have a blog. My DH could easily find it since I have it saved to the tool bar at the top of the computer screan but he probably doesn't care.

8. I am a BIG time procrastinator! I swore I would not be when I started back to college but it's just who I am. Last week a paper that we had known about for weeks (I think about 4 weeks actually) was due on Friday by 5pm. I finished and submitted 4:56pm. I hadn't even started it till a couple hours before that. I wish I could change but don't know how.

9. I often wonder if Bethanie's extreme shyness is my or DH's fault in some way.

10. I am volunteering at a Food Pantry two days this week and I am nervous that I will see people I know come in.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It came

That ice that was coming down in my last post....WELL, even though the meteorologist on the local news more or less PROMISED it wouldn't be as bad as in 2003, saying the storm in 2003 was a one in 100 year occurance. Well.....HE.....WAS.....WRONG!!!! We got the ice, lost electric on Wednesday (realized it at 5am when Elianna woke me up by patting on me but I couldn't see who she was) went to stay with my sister. Electric came back on late on Friday. Went home on Saturday but didn't have phone, cable, or internet until Late Monday afternoon. I felt completely out of touch with the world.

No more pupcakes

Today was a sad day for me (ok, at least a couple minutes were sad anyway). This morning as Elianna and Bethanie were enjoying left over "pupcakes" from Elianna's birthday party yesterday, Bethanie informed Elianna that they are really called CUPcakes rather than PUPcakes. So Elianna declared....From now on, I'll say it right, they are CUPcakes :( I thought I was going to cry. Bethanie called them pupcakes until probably a year or two ago, and then that's what Elianna has called them since she started talking. babies are growing up...and we won't have anymore PUPcakes in our house ever again :( :( :( I will definitely miss that!!

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