Monday, August 17, 2009

Your gonna miss this....very picture heavy.

As we prepare for school to start back for Bethanie and I this Wednesday, this weeks Your Gonna Miss This Moment is easy. Just as the picture of Elianna above portrays so well, I am SO gonna miss the carefree fun days of summer! As we wrap up our summer the house is still messy and unorganized, kitchen walls and cabinets are still unpainted and the boarder is still in rolls, the living room has not gotten rearranged and the entry area remains the same. BUT.... lots of fun was had and many, MANY memories were made. So even though I didn't get all any of the stuff done that I wanted to this summer, we had fun, we made memories, and that is much more important. After all, like I am reminded many times, they are only little once and this "once" is going by much too fast. So for this week, I am joining Pam in her Your gonna miss this moment blog carnival with a bunch of pictures from our fun summer. When you are done here, go visit Pam and the others for more "Your Gonna Miss This...Moment" and join in if you have moments you are gonna miss.
We are gonna miss.....

Camping with many of our friends from church
Feeding the ducks and geese
playing in the creek and making our own "water slide" in the mud (which my camera battery went dead for :( )

Fourth of July festivities and fireworks
Swimming at Nana's...

Having fun at the water park
Sliding down little slides....

medium size slides....
And big slides!
and spending time with cousins.

Picnic lunches with yummy fresh cherries!

Fun times with cousins at the park
Hiding in the shade of the tunnel when it got to hot to play on anything else

Making our own splash pad at the park when it was too hot to play on the playground.

Enjoying the beauty at the park (a different one) after a day at the museum.

Jumping away from squirrels that get too close, lol (that brown blob in the middle is a squirrel, it came right up and touched Elianna's hand, I tried to take a picture but all I caught was the two of them jumping away from each other, lol.)

Feeding the Pigeons

Fun days at the county fair!

And just spending our days together!

I hope you enjoyed this recap in pictures of out summer, this was just a few of our fun things, many didn't get captured on camera (it was left at home or had dead batteries too many times to mention). I am hoping for a good school year for all three of us. I don't want to rush the year but I already look forward to next summer!!!

My princess slideshow