Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's official!

I am now a college student!!!! again. I even updated my profile :) I had my first class yesterday. As I sat there hoping I wouldn't be the only "old" person in the class, I look up to see one of my best friends from high school walking in the door!!!!!!

We had lost contact with each other some time after I got married. When Bethanie was about 3, she got in contact with me and we got together for dinner at Pizza Hut (the place we always went to in and right after high school). We made plans to get together on a regular basis but it didn't happen. This summer, after I hadn't seen her for a few years, I get my All You magazine in the mail, sit down to read it and low and behold there she is in the magazine!! She had moved about 10 hours away. I try to find her online but had no luck. Finally I stopped by where her parents use to live, not knowing if they even still lived there. Her mom still did. I asked about Jeanna and gave her my phone number to give to her. A week or so later she called me. She was getting ready to move back here so we made plans to get together when she got settled in. Then I never heard from her and DH deleted the message she left with her number (it had been on the answering machine for months, he didn't realize I was saving it for a reason). She called me on Christmas eve to wish us a Merry Christmas, we talked only a few minutes, she told me she was going back to school and I told her I was too. Never would have dreamed that we would have a class together! So after class yesterday, we went to eat together and got caught up on each others lives. It's so weird, when we first started college after high school, we would always try to get our classes together. Now here we are 16 years later (OMG, how could it have been that long ago!!) and doing it all again. I am just SOOO happy that I have someone I know in class with me and that we get to reconnect after all this time.

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4onfaith said...

Congratulations!! What are the odds that one of your friends from HS would be there!!! Not a coincidence IMO!!!!

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