Monday, August 17, 2009

Your gonna miss this....very picture heavy.

As we prepare for school to start back for Bethanie and I this Wednesday, this weeks Your Gonna Miss This Moment is easy. Just as the picture of Elianna above portrays so well, I am SO gonna miss the carefree fun days of summer! As we wrap up our summer the house is still messy and unorganized, kitchen walls and cabinets are still unpainted and the boarder is still in rolls, the living room has not gotten rearranged and the entry area remains the same. BUT.... lots of fun was had and many, MANY memories were made. So even though I didn't get all any of the stuff done that I wanted to this summer, we had fun, we made memories, and that is much more important. After all, like I am reminded many times, they are only little once and this "once" is going by much too fast. So for this week, I am joining Pam in her Your gonna miss this moment blog carnival with a bunch of pictures from our fun summer. When you are done here, go visit Pam and the others for more "Your Gonna Miss This...Moment" and join in if you have moments you are gonna miss.
We are gonna miss.....

Camping with many of our friends from church
Feeding the ducks and geese
playing in the creek and making our own "water slide" in the mud (which my camera battery went dead for :( )

Fourth of July festivities and fireworks
Swimming at Nana's...

Having fun at the water park
Sliding down little slides....

medium size slides....
And big slides!
and spending time with cousins.

Picnic lunches with yummy fresh cherries!

Fun times with cousins at the park
Hiding in the shade of the tunnel when it got to hot to play on anything else

Making our own splash pad at the park when it was too hot to play on the playground.

Enjoying the beauty at the park (a different one) after a day at the museum.

Jumping away from squirrels that get too close, lol (that brown blob in the middle is a squirrel, it came right up and touched Elianna's hand, I tried to take a picture but all I caught was the two of them jumping away from each other, lol.)

Feeding the Pigeons

Fun days at the county fair!

And just spending our days together!

I hope you enjoyed this recap in pictures of out summer, this was just a few of our fun things, many didn't get captured on camera (it was left at home or had dead batteries too many times to mention). I am hoping for a good school year for all three of us. I don't want to rush the year but I already look forward to next summer!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me Monday...4th of July edition

I don't have time for pictures right now but here is my first attempt at Not Me Monday...Pictures will come later :)

I did not drink Dr. Pepper and iced tea all evening at work on Thursday evening knowing that caffine that late would keep me up and I most certainly did not finally fall asleep at 7 am on Friday morning due to all that caffine I had.

I also did not use that time through the night when I should have been sleeping in order to make both of the girls a dress to wear for the 4th of July. ( pictures coming soon, remember)

And I also most certainly did not sleep till 2 in the afternoon on Friday, good thing DH had the day off just in case I would have done something so crazy that day.

I did not nievely assume since I had kids that I would not be scheduled to work on the 4th of July even though I didn't put in a request to have the day off.

I did not pout around all day on the 4th knowing I had to go into work that night.

I did not cheer up when it started pouring down rain and continue to rain for hours.

I did not jump for joy and give out a big ol' YEA!! right on the front line at work when I heard the fire works had indeed been cancelled and rescheduled for the which I was OFF work.

And I did not keep a smile on my face ALL day on Sunday during church, a dinner and special service at church, and a birthday party/cookout, knowing I was going to get to take the girls to the fireworks after all on such a BEAUTIFUL night...and keep the long time tradition going :)

Now go visit MckMama and share what you did not do this week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Me and my girls :)

This week we are having Bible school at our church. Tonight started off with a bit of Chaos! We arrived at the church a bit early to find a crew there re-sealing the parking lot, you know with hot stinky TAR! What in the world, who would have ever arranged for something like that to be done the week of bible school, hmmm, apparently someone who didn't think it would matter since....THEY WERE AT THE WRONG CHURCH!!!!! So here we are less than an hour before bible school is to start and the parking lot is blocked off and cannot be walked on. Luckily we have a gravel drive way beside the parking lot where the dumpster sits and it was big enough that everyone could pull in there. But then what to do about getting to the building? They put card board, tarp, and rugs down that led to the little building then from there to the main church. We had to catch each person as they arrived so that they wouldn't walk on it and ruin their shoes and track it into the church. It was a bit crazy but it all worked out in the end, and the church agreed to pay 1/2 price what they would have charged, for them to go ahead and complete the job (we were planning to get it done soon anyways, it was just bad timing). So after our crafts tonight we did face painting. A few of the adults painted the kids faces. Some of the kids kept asking to paint someones face so after all the kids faces were done, we let them paint the adults faces. Then when we got home Bethanie was complaining that her tooth hurt, it was loose, she tried to pull it first then she told me to do it, I barely touched it and it was out and she was crying, then laughing, then crying again. I started laughing at her which made her start laughing again, it was so funny. Then i got my camera out so I could take a picture of her, what was suppose to be a picture or 2 of Bethanie's new checkerboard mouth turned into a complete photo shoot that had me and the girls cracking up! Here are some of the results....

Bethanie showing off her checkered board mouth, she is now missing 4 teeth!

Showing off her lady bug! I think this is the first time Bethanie has ever had her face painted, usually she refuses to have it done!

Elianna showing off her butterfly.

Cheesy girl!

And here's mine (please don't mind how I am dressed, I was trying to look like a camper/hiker but could only find a plaid shirt of DH's to where), Elianna painted the left cheek it's a heart (made of different colors) with a yellow circle around it. Bethanie painted the other cheek, it's a flower.

Bethanie and I, Elianna took this picture.

Bethanie was taking mine and Elianna's picture together, I have no idea where she learned it but she gave me bunny ears!! Then since I was laughing and my eyes were nearly closed, I told her to take another one in which....

...Elianna gave me "MOOSE EARS" (better known as moose antlers to most) I think she must of come up with this on her own because I have never seen anyone do this before, lol.

This picture is horrible but I LOVE it! It captured Bethanie laughing so hard her eyes are closed and Elianna is being her goof ball self and acting crazy!

Giving each other bunny ears. Just look at that pride on Elianna's face that she was giving Bethanie bunny ears, I'm telling you, she thought this was the funniest thing ever.

Me and my calm, quiet, and toothless Bethanie who is growing up WAY to fast

And finally I gave Elianna "moose ears" to which she cracked up when she saw the picture.

We laughed SO much and had such a good time...and we weren't even doing anything but acting silly and taking pictures...I love times like these!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm gonna miss this...Girl Scout Day Camp

This week me and the girls went to girl scout day camp. It rained, and rained, and stormed, and rained some more and lot, and lots, and LOTS of mud was made! In fact our nice, shady, up on the hill spot that we chose to get away from the heat...was over taken the last day by a stream that ran right through it, lol. But you know what??? WE STILL HAD FUN and you know what else, I am going to REALLY miss this!! I am going to miss getting to a leader for our troop and taking the girls to camp. I am going to miss all the giggles that come from the back seats as we drive that long way to and from camp everyday.

(The girls from our troop that got to go plus Elianna)

I'll miss getting to be a unit leader at camp and enjoying having the girls we have had both years (even if some of them drive me to the verge of insanity, lol) and finding stuff to keep them entertained and busy during our free time while trying to help them earn some badges.

(our unit, I blurred the girls faces, the other blurry spots...rain drops, you guessed it, it was raining while we had group pictures)

I'll miss the creativity of the girls

I'll miss the joy they had in getting to make a fire they get to eat all while learning all about camp fire safety.

I'll miss their bravery and the fun they have at creaking, I am sure soon enough none of them will want to do this anymore.

(although it looks like we are trying to escape a flood, we really were only creaking)

I'll miss seeing the fun they have with water games.

And yes, even though I feel I have had to tramp through enough mud to last me a life time, I will miss the extreme joy they all experienced in getting to jump right in, lol.

I am so glad I get to be there for my girls during fun times like these. I sorta dread the day when Elianna is old enough to be in her own group instead of tagging along with Bethanie's because then I will only get to be with one group and not get to enjoy the fun that they both experience. I will definitely miss the day that I am no longer needed as a leader!

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