Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tour of Lucasville Ohio

I got this idea from Amy at In Her Shoes, Lori at House of tafka, and Jen at Against All Odds. Please keep in mind that I live in a very small town and it's just a given that if we really want to go anywhere we have to go to the "city" aka, the biggest nearby town that is 20 minutes away. So I'm going to try to go with just my town, I doubt I'll get to 10 though.

1. We could start off with lunch at Wendy's or Subway.

2. Then we could go to the Lucasville branch of the Portsmouth Public Library, it's pretty small but they do have kids programs and a nice kids section.

3. After that we could go shopping at the Family Dollar store or Dollar General, or maybe even Save-a-lots for some cheap groceries.

4. After all that excitement we could head back to my house and go for a hike in the woods or just a small walk to the creek so the kids can throw rocks into the water (truefully this provides hours of entertainment for my kids, lol)

5. I would say by this time we would have bored ourselves to the point of needing to eat again so we could head to Giovoni's, Spencer's, or Happy Days for some pizza or other dairy bar type foods.

6. Next we could go to one of the local schools and let the kids play on the play grounds.

7. If it's summer when you come, then we could head to the drive-in to watch 2 movies for the price of one, if the weather is good that is.

8. Next we could head to my grandma's house, she's a very sweet lady who I am sure you would all love. And I am sure she would feed you something while we were there.

9. If you come the first full week of August we could head to the county fair. There are a few rides, lots of farm animals, and lots of tastey food. Or if you happen to come one of the 3 weekends when Trade Days are going on we can head over to the fair grounds where they have a bunch of tables set up with a whole lot of junk to buy. They also always have lots of animals (farm and exotic) so it's kinda like visiting a nasty dirty zoo.

10. After all that fun we could go to the local post office (as long as it's before 4pm) where you could send a postcard back home saying "HELP, GET ME OUT OF HERE".

Woo Hoo, I made it to ten!!! As bad as it really sounds, I still love my town and have no desire to live anywhere else.


Amy said...

Good job girl! I was ROFL about #10! :)

angie said...

You're so funny Sarah! I grew up in a small town so I feel ya girl! I also love the postcard home, you're so creative.

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