Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you like green eggs and ham?

My princesses love them, Sam I am. This is what I made for dinner for the girls on Wednesday night, they LOVED them, especially Elianna, I accidently made way too much for just the 2 of them, using 6 eggs total. I went ahead and put it all on their plates and Elianna ate ALL of hers, lol, and then asked for them for lunch the next day too.

Also on Wednesday, Bethanie lost a tooth! Her top front tooth. Here is her mouth preparing for her new adult tooth over the past few months. Here she is in September (doesn't she have a silly look on her face, lol) notice there is no space between her teeth hardly at all other than at the bottom where she had just lost her 2 bottom teeth.

Here she is in October, just barely getting a space between her top front left tooth and the one beside it.

Here she is in November, you can definitly see the space now

Here is December, it's getting bigger

Now here is January

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Here is mid February, by this time people were asking if she had lost a tooth because the space was so big.

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And finally late february, in this pic you tell the tooth had changed color. The dentist told me that was because the root had probably already disconected.

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Her new tooth was simply pushing that baby tooth right out of the way. Last week it had pushed her tooth up in the gums some so when you would look at her straight on you could see the bottom of her tooth instead of the front like you normally would. However, you could hardly wiggle the tooth at all because of the new one coming in behind it. Finally she let me pull it! When she felt it come out she jerked her head back, the tooth slipped out of my hand and went down in the chair I was sitting in. I have looked and looked for that tooth but I simply cannot find it :( The tooth fairy did still come, though. Left her $1 and a note telling her if the tooth was ever found, she would be back to pick it up, lol. When the tooth came out it left a huge, bloody looking hole in her gums but thankfully it was gone by the next day. You could also already see her new tooth coming in.

As for the new babysitting job I mentioned in my last post, it is off for now. I called to tell the mom that I would try it for 3 weeks and she said her DH had decided to not take the job because they agreed it was to dangerous. He would have been working 700 feet underground. But she said other work should be picking up soon and she would call when he found something. In a way i was relieved but in another I was a bit disappointed.

Well I am off to bed now, good night and sweet dreams :) hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

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