Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moving up in the world!

WOO HOO!! Yesterday the cable company came out and hooked up DSL for us, finally I can sit at the computer at night and not fall asleep while I am waiting for a site to load, lol, and yes that does really happen to me. We also got our phone service through the same company now as well and on Friday they are coming back out and hooking up cable TV. We are even having them hook it up in our bedroom. The best part-for all 3 services from the same company we will be paying about as much as we paid just for satelite service! So we will be saving around $130+ per month. How great is that?!?! Only bad part, is to do away with the satelite internet we have to break the 2 year contract we signed with them. We are only 6 months into it so we will have to pay $700 to cancell it. At first I thought we would be crazy to even go through with it but then I started figuring it up and from what we will be saving ( with just internet and phone) we would have the $700 taken care of in what we save in about 11 months, that would leave another 6-7 months of savings we can just pocket :) Now that we have decided to add the cable tv as well it will be even sooner and a much bigger savings, yippy!!

Since the high speed internet IS so much faster, hopefully I will be able to post on here more often :)

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