Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our first ever camp-out!

I don't think I have mentioned it here before but I am a girl scout leader for Bethanie's troop. We have 15 (and 1 more wanting to join) first grade girls in our troop. This weekend we went on our first ever camp-out, it was indoors (thank goodness since it poured the rain) but still ALOT of fun!!! On Friday I went to pick Bethanie up at school and also picked up 2 of the other girl scouts. And we started on our journey. First just sitting in the drivers seat listening to them in the back was hilarious!!!! Some of the things they said and did cracked me up!! We headed to my sister's first to drop Elianna off, my mom was coming there to pick her up to keep her over night. The girls didn't want to stay in the van, so they all headed into my sisters house. Little did I know, my sister had just gotten out of the shower and didn't have the bathroom door closed so she could keep an eye on her almost 2 year old, lol, oooppps!! The girls are in my care for less than an hour and they have already been flashed, lol, by a breastfeeding, 5 weeks post partum big mama. Then we leave there and head to the convenient store down the street to pick up some snacks. I let the girls pick out what ever they wanted and I spent over $20!!! Then we headed on our way to the old school where the camp-out was to take place. On the way the girls were picking out all the "creepy" houses they could find, lol. It was so funny hearing them..."creepy, creepy, ooohhh WAY creepy" lol.

When we arrive the old school is obviously VERY old, the one girl says as soon as we pull in..."Sarah! What are you thinking bringing us to this creepy old school?" We get signed in and carry all out stuff in. After we meet up with the other 5 girls and the other leader from our troop the girls get warmed up with some little activities then we have dinner-taco in a bag, which most of the girls thought was "totally gross". Then they went to different stations, they learned about Mexico and how to play a new game similar to checkers called Coyote and chickens. They made castanets (out of big buttons) and a flower at the craft station. Then we went to the dance station...Oh my, we had so much fun at this one. I can honestly say I made a complete fool out of my self by showing everyone how UN-coordinated I truly am, lol. We learned to do 3 different line dances. My co-leader and myself were the only adults to take part but we had a lot of fun...other than the fact that the one mom that stayed RECORDED us, ahhhhhh.

Then we found out that we were suppose to bring stuff for a fashion show, somehow neither my co leader or myself read that part of the flyer. The girls were a bit disappointed that they were not going to get to participate....that is until we found out someone had brought a whole tub of extra dress-up stuff. The girls had so much fun! Bethanie and a couple of the other girls didn't dress up but they still had a ton of fun watching all the other girls "modeling". After that they served S'mores, omg, my girls were SOOOOO excited. (one of the girls on our way there told me she wanted to make s'mores and I told her we probably wouldn't because we wouldn't be able to have a fire, when I told her they were serving them she said "SEE Sarah, I told you", lol.)

It was now time to get ready for bed and get out sleeping bags out. That's when I realized I had forgotten my pillow!!! I was going to be sleeping on the HARD floor with only a sleeping bag and NO pillow. After a while, Bethanie was a sweety, rolled up the top of her sleeping bag for a pillow and let me have her little round one she brought. So even though I still wasn't comfortable, I did at least have a pillow (even if it did keep rolling out from under my head, lol). The girls took a LONG time to get settled down and to go to sleep. The little girl who was laying beside me decided she wanted to sleep with me in my sleeping bag!! I kept telling her she couldn't get in but just kept insisting so finally I unzipped the sleeping bag and layed it out so she could be beside me. We ended up switching places so I could be on the outside. That girl absolutely wollered me to death until finally she layed down, pulled her sleeping bag over her head and she was out! Once they calmed down and layed still all the girls went to sleep fairly easily. We had no problems what so ever! Even having 2 who had never stayed away from home!! I didn't sleep real well, especially when one of the teenage girls from another troop, who had started out 6-8 foot away, rolled over and was laying right up against me!! But I could move!!!! I was really afraid that laying on that HARD floor all night I wouldn't be able to move at all the next day, but other than my hip feeling like it was bruised, I felt pretty good!

In the morning, we had breakfast, did another craft (a taco pin), busted some pinatas, learned a few new active games, and practiced the line dances that we had learned the night before. Then we loaded up and headed home. I was exhausted, but can't wait for the next one. The girls AND myself had a great time!!


Amy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can't wait until Gracie is bigger and we can do stuff like that!

Anonymous said...

You certainly are one daring mother Sarah! I envy your energy! Congrats on the first campout!

tafkalorelei said...

Sounds like a blast girl!!

Oh, you've been tagged!!

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