Saturday, March 8, 2008


Here it is, the start of the second week of March and we have more snow on the ground now than we have had all winter. There is at least 5 inches out there and before the snow fell, we got ice, so to say it's slick out is an understatement. And to think that on Monday we had a 70 degree BEAUTIFUL day where we were out side all day until after 7 pm. We even ate dinner outside. I just can't wait for spring to get here!! Warm weather, staying outside all day without a coat, seeing flowers bloom, letting the kids be as loud as they want to be, and them being able to jump, run, bounce, get all their energy out, oh, spring, I long for you, it is my most favorite time of the entire year.

The only good thing about this snow...Church is canceled for tomorrow so we don't have to get up early. We don't have to loose that hour of sleep from springing forward for Day Light Savings Time.

Tomorrow, me and the girls are going to do something fun. I am not sure what yet, but I felt like such a grouch today. I even made Elianna go to bed early. She has become quite defient lately. She really knows how to push my buttons. For what ever reason, today, after getting after her a million times, the thought crossed my mind of what she is going to be like as a teenager. AHHHHH, I dread those days already! From the way the girls are now, I can see Bethanie being the good girl still. She, hopefully, will be like me and be too big of a chicken to do any bad stuff. I always thought of the concencoinces for anything I did. I can proudly say, as a teenager, I was a good girl, you can even ask my mom, she would say the same thing. Elianna on the other hand, oh my, I don't even want to think about it. I can see me and her going around and around, I can see her not obeying the rules, I can see her trying to sneak out, giving in to peer pressure. In other words, more like my sister, lol. I can totally see myself with a head full of grays by time she's 18 (if it's not already that way by time she is 5, lol). For me, just the thought of being a mom of teenagers is extremely scary. Well that is not what I meant for this post to be about. But it does remind me that I need to enjoy these young days while they are still here. I already promised the girls we would go out to play in the snow tomorrow, I'll just have to come up with something else fun for us to do together.

I keep falling asleep as I am writing this so I am off to bed. Good night and sweet dreams :D

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tafkalorelei said...

I kwym about this crazy weather!!! On Thursday we were outside almost all day long in shorts and t-shirts and then yesterday it was so cold and at one point it was pouring snow..of course, nothing stuck...but still. It's crazy! I can't wait for spring and summer to get here!!

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