Monday, April 28, 2008

Our fun weekend

Wow, it's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted! Where has the time gone?!?! So this weekend was a fun one for me and the girls. Last week was BEAUTIFUL!!! Clean and sunny everyday with a couple of days being in the 80s even. I was LOVING it. Then when the weekend came it was suppose to rain the whole weekend. So Friday night I promised the girls that if it was nice out we would go to the school and let them ride their bikes after we got some stuff done around the house (like some of those mountains of dirty clothes that needed washed). It wasn't bad Saturday morning then as the morning went on it got a bit dreary out. So I made a change in plans and headed to the school then before it started raining. Well turned out it started raining on our way there. I was going to let them go ahead and ride in the rain since it was a light rain but when they got out of the van they complained it was too cold. So we loaded back up in the van, and before I even started it, the rain nearly stopped. So we got back out, lol. and that was the extent of the rain for the entire day :)

First the girls rode their bikes on the basketball courts of the playground and on the sidewalks near there. I found a jump rope lying on the playground so we had races, I was jumping rope they were riding their bikes. I sure got my exercise and it was fun. BTW, Bethanie has a big bike but one of the tires was flat, DH was at work, and I don't know how to use the air compressor (not to mention that I am scared of the thing, lol) so we took that little Dora bike for her instead, I think she actually had more fun on it than she would have her big bike.
Then they played on the play ground for a while. Elianna dried all the slides off, hence the wet butt in the picture, lol. We all three swang together, everytime I swing with them and go really high Elianna just acts like she can't stop laughing, it's so funny. I must look pretty funny swinging like a kid, lol.

Then we headed around to the front of the school and the girls rode their bikes down the incline on the parking lot. I think they went down and back up that little hill about 100 times! I took some short vidoes of them, I will have to try to load them later as it's getting to late tonight.

Here is a picture of the flags blowing in the wind as you can see it was a VERY over cast day. But it wasn't raining so it was still nice.

The girls eventually rode their bikes around the school building and they played on the little playground for a while.

Then we started getting really hungery. I figured we had been there for an hour and a half, 2 hours tops. Well when we got in the van, we had been there for... THREE hours!! No wonder we were getting so hungery it was after 2 in the afternoon. So we went home, had lunch, then I sat down and rested for a while. Then I went out and cut the grass while the girls were outside playing. When I got done we built a little fire using the sticks we had picked up under the trees in the front yard and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. By time we were done with that it was pitch dark out so we went in, the girls took a quick shower and went to bed. We were all 3 exhausted but it was fun.

Then Sunday after church we went to eat at AppleBees with my mom and sister. Afterwards I took the girls to the park for a little while. We didn't stay long though because they both had to use the potty and of course we were at the one park that has no bathroom near by. So we headed home, Elianna fell asleep. After getting home she stayed asleep and I layed down and took a nap too, it felt so good.

So this morning I woke up to an extremely messy house with even bigger mountains of dirty clothes but you know what, I don't care because I really enjoyed my fun time with my girls!

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Amy said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

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