Saturday, May 10, 2008

My pampering and bed bug bites!

My funny little Elianna calls all bug bites, bed bug bites, lol. A week or so ago she had some bug bites on her legs. She kept talking about them, saying they were boo boos but she didn't know how she got them. So I told her they were bug bites. She didn't know what to think of that, she talked about them for DAYS after, telling everyone that a bug bit her (almost like it was a mean dog biting her).

Then yesterday, Elianna and the other 2 little girls that I was babysitting were pampering me. The one little girl is obsessed, truthfully she is completely obsessed with playing doctor. I said something about my arm hurting and she said "me dockah (doctor), me make you feel better" lol. So she told me to lay down, and she kept rubbing my arm with a baby wipe, lol. She kept pointing out all my "boo boos" (most were moles or freckles, lol). Then Elianna and the other little girl joined in. They were rubbing my belly, by head, my face, my arms and legs, and one of them washed my hair all with baby wipes. This went on for at least 10 minutes. I felt like such a princess :) When Elianna was rubbing my legs, she noticed a bug bite and said "Mommy, you got a bed bug bite" I said " A bed bug????", "yea, see it" lol, it was a mosquito bite. The only place I can think that she ever even heard of bed bugs is off that cartoon Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids. Somehow she has gotten Bed Bugs and Mosquitoes confused! Even last night when we were outside when it was getting dark, she said "It getting dark, that's when the bed bugs come out and bite us." That's what I had told her about mosquitoes a couple weeks ago.

I remember about a year ago or so, when I tucked the girls into bed, I told them "Don't let the bed bugs bite" Big mistake and I haven't said it again, lol. They asked me a million questions about bed bugs and even after I answered all that I could, I could just tell that both of them were laying there REALLY thinking hard about those bed bugs that they needed to keep from biting them, lol.

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