Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can you keep a secret?

You all, my faithful blog readers, will be the first I even mention this to. Last week I was looking forward to and getting excited about "trying out" babysitting the 3 kids 3 and under one day this week. Then this weekend, for whatever reason, the thought came to me that I want to quit babysitting all together for all kids except my sister's 2 girls. Then yesterday, after breaking up MANY a fights between the kids and the thought running through my head constantly, the thought came to me...I could go back to school! WHAT, that thought hadn't ran through my head since Bethanie was born so early 7 1/2 years ago. But honestly this would be the perfect time to do it! I am not sure what all I would have to do to get my degree but hopefully it wouldn't take more than 2 years. I "graduated" from college when I was about 4 months pregnant with Bethanie, I had one class I had to finish to actually get my degree. My plans were to complete it come fall quarter which started the first part of September that way I would have it all done and be ready to start my career when I was ready after Bethanie was born in late November (when she was due). Well come late August I started having problems in my pregnancy, and Bethanie was born September 3rd. We spent the next 3 months at the Ronald McDonald house while Bethanie was in the NICU. When she was ready to come home she still required O2, and was coming home on it, a pulse ox monitor, apnea monitor, and a few meds along with MANY doctor appointments. DH and I decided that I would stay home with her. I LOVED being a stay at home mom and decided that when Bethanie started school THEN I would finish college, get my degree, and start my career. Well the year came that I had signed Bethanie up to start pre-school and you guessed it, I found out I was pregnant with Elianna. So I never sent Bethanie to pre-school and I didn't go back either. When Elianna was 6 months old I started babysitting for my cousins little girl, then my sister had her first daughter and I started babysitting her, then a family friend needed a sitter for her 2 girls and I volunteered, then both my sister and my cousin had another baby each. Then I got the offer to watch 3 more kids and I like I said I was actually looking forward to it....then THE thought came into my head. I seriously have no idea why the thought even came to me, I hadn't been talking about it, I don't know anyone going to college right now, nothing.

So I am going to call and check into it this week. If I think it will work out I will call the mom of the 3 and tell her I can't start babysitting. My sister has always wanted to babysit out of her home so I am HOPING that she can quit work and stay home and keep all the kids I babysit for now along with Elianna when I need her to. I figure I will keep the kids I have now for the summer then when college starts early august, I will no longer be babysitting. Elianna will be old enough to go to preschool this fall but I was planning on not sending her till she was 4.

I guess for now I am just going to gather as much information about this as I can and do alot of praying for guidance. I'll keep you all posted.


tafkalorelei said...

Awesome girl! If you want it, then go for it!! I think you would be awesome as crafty as you are. I am sure that your kids in school would love you!!! Keep us posted! Hope it all works out like you want it to.

Jen said...

I agree, go for it! :) You don't want to always be wondering "what if" and regretting it if you never finished that degree and got into the career you really wanted, etc. Best of luck!!!!! :)

Amy said...

Good luck girl! I think you should definitely go for it!

Anonymous said...

Wow - big decision!! I have always admired your energy and I think it would be great that you actually do something for you!!! You would be terrific - no doubt at all!

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