Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monsters from Florida

Let me start by saying niether of my girls have ever been to Florida, we have never talked about Florida, and we don't know anyone who lives or has went to Florida recently.

Today on my way to take Elianna to school we saw a horse trailor at a stop light that was on the road that was intersecting with the road we were on. Elianna saw it and this is how our conversation went...
E: Mommy, look at that, what's in there.
Me: I don't know, maybe they have horses in there.
(then the trailor turns and we can see that the back is completely empty)
Me: Oh, I guess there isn't anything in there they must have already dropped the horses off.
E: Maybe they are gonna go pick up some animals
Me: Maybe so
E: Maybe they are gonna pick up some horses, or maybe they are gonna pick up some BEARS.
Me: Ooohhh, that would be scary but maybe so.
E: Maybe they are gonna pick up some big LIONS.
Me: Hummm, I don't know about that.
E: Or maybe, maybe they are gonna pick up MONSTERS.
Me: Monsters??
E: Yea, scary monsters. But Mommy, where would they get monsters at?
Me: (all that came to mind was probably under your bed, but decided not to go there, lol) I don't know, but I hope I don't ever find them!
E: Maybe in Florida.
Me: Florida?? What makes you think there are monsters in Florida? Where did you ever hear about Florida?
E: Well, I don't know if they have a zoo in Florida or not.
Me: Are there Monsters at a zoo?
E: (ignoring my question) Yea, they do have a zoo in Florida cause Hannah (her new little friend at school) telled me.
Me: Did Hannah tell you about Florida?
E: No, I just knowed about it

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