Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long overdue pictures

Today I took a nap...a LONG nap. I was tired, so now that it's time for bed....I'm NOT tired. There are SO many things I could/should be doing instead but decided that sharing pictures sounded more fun, so here I am.

We had a great Easter. The day was BEAUTIFUL!! The Easter Story Cookies that I posted about did not turn out. The first night (Easter-Eve) I beat the mix for a good 30 minutes and still could not make "stiff peaks" So I told the girls we would try again the next night. I found out that it was because we had gotten a tiny bit of the yolk in the bowl. So on Easter night we tried again, I got the stiff peaks this time...only this time I made the cookies too big so the next morning they were not hard, they were still gooey in the middle which resulted in them not being hollow, but they still tasted good :) . On Easter we went to church, then went to my grandmas. Since Bethanie was born DH has only missed church on Easter 1 year (and it was a very rough year) and he has always come to my grandma's for Easter dinner and the annual Egg hunt. It has always been a tradition to get family pictures taken while we are at my grandmas while we are dressed up. This year he stayed home....and played his game. Yes, I was very upset, but I did not let it ruin our day.

The girls and I carried on the tradition without him.

After we ate, hunted eggs, and visited for a long while. We headed back home (just across the creek) I considered taking a nap but decided it was too beautiful outside to spend the day inside. So me and the girls spent the whole afternoon (what was left of it anyways) outside. I took more pictures of them....

(Elianna had found some glittery make-up)

We admired the beautiful tulips (all 4 of them) that had grown in our front yard....

and we "chalked" on the carport with their new sidewalk chalk.

We took "baby" Walter (a plant I had to grow and keep a baby book for for one of my classes) outside and got pictures of him with his big sisters....

Then we went back to church that evening. We just throuroghly enjoyed the whole day. Look at those bright blue eyes on Elianna!!! Still after 4 years I look at those eyes and can't believe I have a blue eyed girl.

And since I broke my promise to share pictures while I was on Spring Break here are some from Elianna's birthday party. We had a joint party for Elianna's 4th and my niece, Bailey's, first. We had a princess theme, my aunt made them a castle cake. Here are the birthday girls

And here is my beautiful little princess.

Oh, and I knew since Elianna was born that it was bound to happen someday and this week it did. Bethanie, who is 8 1/2, and Elianna, who turned 4 in February, now weigh the exact same! I weighed them on Tuesday and they both weighed 46.8 pounds!!


Lowcountry Mom said...

OMG what beautiful girls you have! :) So photogenic, and the Easter dresses are precious!

You're a good photographer too....that one of the tulip by itself is amazing.

((((hugs)))) about the weight thing for your 2 girls........mine will just keep getting farther and farther apart, while yours get closer together and now weigh the same. One of those things that makes you remember it all, huh? (((((hugs)))))

Lori said...

Those pics are great girl! You have beautiful little girls!! Sorry your dh stayed home on Easter. ((((hugs))))

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