Friday, April 24, 2009

Who needs a Nintendo DS when you can have this......

That's right it's the all new PAPER DS! It even opens up, has an on/off switch, and the other controller buttons like the "old model".

Tonight I was sitting outside on our swing while the girls were over on the neighbors back porch playing with their little girl. Elianna comes over to me, very excited, this is how our conversation goes...
E: Mommy, look what A gave me!! It's a DS!!!!! (handing me the paper version)
me: WOW, how cool. So what's a DS (I wasn't sure if she knew or not)?
E: umm, it's a thing you play
me: Oh, cool. You mean like a game?
E: uhhh, yea (in a not so sure voice). Here you can play it for a while.
She opens it up and shows me how to turn it on, she even showed me one side of the button is to turn it on and the other is to turn it off.
E: and these buttons over here... this one makes it stop, and this one...(I can't remember what the other buttons do but she knew exactly what she thought they would do)
me: looks like fun.
E: yea, play it mommy.
So I do and off she goes back to play with the other girls. I decided I had to take a picture, so I brought it in the house. A little while later Elianna comes running in the house.
E: MOMMY, where's my DS.
I tell her where I had layed it. she grabs it, holds it like a real game, and off she goes.
BTW, Elianna has never played with a real DS before, lol.
What a GREAT imagination!!


Staci said...

Too cute! And so much cheaper than the real thing!

Mysh said...

Very Cute!

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