Friday, March 20, 2009


SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is
After the week I've had, all I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!!
I have spent every spare second this week working on a project for my one class. After approximately fourteen hours, yes that's right 14 HOURS of working on this darn lexicon thing and still not being done, I go to the computer lab, following a test that completely fried my brain, to work on it longer and it DISAPPEARED off my jump drive!!! Yes that is correct again...IT DISAPPEARED...all 13 pages of it! After an hour and some very intense feelings of needing to cry and vomit (literally, I am not kidding here) "THE computer guy" at the college managed to find it!!! So I took a little break, got some lunch with a friend, skipped my other class, then got back to work for the next 3 1/2 hours till it was finally FINISHED and SUBMITTED!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
And Spring break officially began!
I stopped and got a pizza for dinner, headed home and lazed in lazy boy recliner for the rest of the evening.
Tomorrow, the girls and I are headed to a Princess Party, then I will spend the entire rest of the week cleaning and organizing my house, prettying up my yard, getting school work ahead of schedule, and just enjoying my time off of school with my girlies.
I will promise you this, sometime this week I will do a much overdue post with pictures from Elianna's birthday party (from early February) , the princess party , and everything in between. So now I am headed to bed for some sweet spring time dreams...goodnight!

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