Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer, summer... SUMMER!!

Well it is now summer vacation, WOO HOO!! I've been out for 3 weeks now, Elianna for 2, and Bethanie just finished up last week. I got a job, working at Wendy's (where I worked from the time I graduated high school till Bethanie was born). I will be working nights, mostly going in at or after 7pm. So for the first time in 3 years....I will have all day, all summer to spend just me and my girls :D I am so excited!!!! I've got so much stuff I want to get done around the house and so much fun stuff for me and the girls to do.

With the girls my plan is to come up with a list of chores for them to do (simple things that don't take but a few minutes) each day. Then when they complete their chores they will get to pick from the "FUN jar". The FUN jar is going to have a lot of activities for us to do, they will get to pick one thing each day that they complete their chores. I am getting my list of activities to put in the jar from here, here, here, and my old time favorite here!! We are taking part in a summer reading project that Bethanie's school is doing. Although Elianna doesn't yet go to the same school, the teacher over the project is also including her and has lessons and activities for her to do as well. We will do our yearly summer reading program at the local library and will likely attend many of the fun things they plan there. We will also be going to Girl Scout Day Camp one week and having Bible School at our church the following week.

As for the house stuff, first I want to get it cleaned up and organized. I am going to get my kitchen walls and cabinets painted and hang wall paper boarder (I've had the paint and boarder for a year and a half now, don't you agree it's about time I get it done, lol). I want to rearrange my living room and make an "entrance area" by our back door. I've got lots of other goals for the house as well. My goal is to work about 2 hours each day on the house then enjoy the rest of the days with the girls.

So in order to be able to do all this stuff I am going to have to cut something out of my days...and that something is going to be my internet time. Oprah had a show last week about a challenge where all electronic stuff was taken away from these families to see how they did. Then today as I was looking around, went to this blog I had never seen before and the first thing I saw was this entry and could SO relate to what it was saying! Sooooo, no more internet for me through the week. Monday through Friday the computer and the tv will be kept off (I am sure DH will not go along with this so his laptop will still be getting use). So look on the weekends for lots of pictures of all the fun and productive stuff I have accomplished each week!


Lori said...

It sounds like you've got a great plan for the summer! Woo hoo!!!

4onfaith said...

Sounds terrific Sarah! I am trying to get back to real life stuff myself! Love the new look of the blog!

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