Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can anyone help me?

I am wanting to change my blog layout/background/header! I love, Love, LOVE my blog the way it is now but I am just ready to change it, it has been over a year of the same thing. So where do I go for FREE stuff. I have looked on Cutest Blog on the Block, they have some REALLY cute stuff but I can't find a header to go with the backgrounds I like. I want it to be americana like, red, white, and blue, maybe some stars and or stripes, I want to use this picture

Even though it's almost a year old now, it's still my favorite for now.
Oh, and while I am at it...does anyone know if you can change the name of the blog without starting a new one...ok, maybe I could just not put the title up there?
Anyone got any suggestions?


Lori said...

Hey girl..I know how to do all that stuff and I can probably make you a header. I've gotten semi-good at making them, though it won't be probably quite as nice as what you have now. I will be online on and off tonight..but if you just go ahead and change your blog background to something you like I can try to find something to do w/the header once I see your background (granted you want me to...LOL). I am assuming you just want to change the name of your blog and not the blog address right? I can tell you how to do that as well. Just email me or send me a PM thru the PE board or Facebook.

Lori said...

Oh, meant to say that you can look at my new blog at the header..I did that (well the pic and the title anyway..I found a blog that had a matching header and I just used this photo program that I have)...also on my old blog House of Tafka I made that header from scratch and I made the one on Dalton's blog too. I also made Jen G's blog header (my miracle boys) and I made Allisons (

Lori said...

lol sorry to keep commenting..I was going to tell you about two other places I use to get free blogger back grounds. One is and the other is

Now, I just went on onecuteblog and she's just put up a new blogger background that is patriotic AND it has a header. With the header there to use all you have to do is add in the picture and blog title. You would have to have a photoshop type program to do it..I have a free program on my computer called and it's considered like the best free photoshop. I have used it to make all the headers and stuff that I have done. Anyway, just wanted to let you know there was some other stuff out there.

4onfaith said...

Sounds like Lori has you covered, but just in case - this is a new site I came across that does have some 4th of July ones that would fit the bill - you've got to scroll down to the bottom and you'll see them.

I've done my own before also, but got tired of the one I had, so I'm working towards a new one entirely myself. Good luck!

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