Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm gonna miss this...Girl Scout Day Camp

This week me and the girls went to girl scout day camp. It rained, and rained, and stormed, and rained some more and lot, and lots, and LOTS of mud was made! In fact our nice, shady, up on the hill spot that we chose to get away from the heat...was over taken the last day by a stream that ran right through it, lol. But you know what??? WE STILL HAD FUN and you know what else, I am going to REALLY miss this!! I am going to miss getting to a leader for our troop and taking the girls to camp. I am going to miss all the giggles that come from the back seats as we drive that long way to and from camp everyday.

(The girls from our troop that got to go plus Elianna)

I'll miss getting to be a unit leader at camp and enjoying having the girls we have had both years (even if some of them drive me to the verge of insanity, lol) and finding stuff to keep them entertained and busy during our free time while trying to help them earn some badges.

(our unit, I blurred the girls faces, the other blurry spots...rain drops, you guessed it, it was raining while we had group pictures)

I'll miss the creativity of the girls

I'll miss the joy they had in getting to make a fire they get to eat all while learning all about camp fire safety.

I'll miss their bravery and the fun they have at creaking, I am sure soon enough none of them will want to do this anymore.

(although it looks like we are trying to escape a flood, we really were only creaking)

I'll miss seeing the fun they have with water games.

And yes, even though I feel I have had to tramp through enough mud to last me a life time, I will miss the extreme joy they all experienced in getting to jump right in, lol.

I am so glad I get to be there for my girls during fun times like these. I sorta dread the day when Elianna is old enough to be in her own group instead of tagging along with Bethanie's because then I will only get to be with one group and not get to enjoy the fun that they both experience. I will definitely miss the day that I am no longer needed as a leader!

For more you're gonna miss this, please go visit Pam's site, and join in if you want to!

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Pam said...

So glad you decided to join me!! I love your site, it is so seasonal!! i love the picture of your girls with the r/w/b hair ponies! last year i did kiahna's hair in r/w/b star beads, ive been trying to decide if i am going to do that again!! i love them!! i love your moment and totally get it!! i love that the rain didn't stop all the fun!! i also love how green everthing is this year becuase of the rains!! hope to see you joining me often in this carnival!!

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