Friday, December 5, 2008

Traumatizing accident...or maybe not.

Yesterday on the way to school someone hit the side of Bethanie's school bus. The school called on my way to pick Elianna up and left a message telling us the accident happened and that all the kids were checked by the school nurse and everyone was fine. So I just let it go. Then a little over an hour before she got home I started to worry. Bethanie has only been in one car accident and that was back when I was pregnant with Elianna, I was stopped at a stop sign, thought the car in front of me had gone, took my foot off the break and rolled into the car in front of me, it was SO minor that she didn't even know it happened but the cops had to be called because it left a pencil sized dent in the other guys bumper and he had just gotten the car. I doubt she even remembers it. So I worried, almost called and asked her teacher how she had acted all day (thinking she may have been distracted and worried all day) but decided I wouldn't call till after she got home. She comes home, I was waiting at the door for her, here's how our conversation went:

Me: So how was your day?
B: Good
Me: anything exciting happen?
B: XXXX's birthday, we had a party!
Me: Oh, how exciting! Anything else?
B: I buyed presents (at Santa's secret shop that they had going on this week and she got them out to show me what she got for everyone)
Me: Is that all that happened? (realizing she wasn't traumatized like I was worried she was going to be)
B: YYYEEEEAAAA? (thinking hard)
Me: How about on your way to school this morning?
B: (thinking hard for a moment, then her face lights up with a HUGE smile) Somebody hit the side of the bus!!!! (like it was the most exciting thing that had happened all year)
Me: Did it scare you?
B: NO!! (in a "are you crazy mom" kinda voice)
Me: Did you feel it hit the bus?
B: No, but we heard it, it was a loud CCRRRRRRRRUUNNNNNNCCCCHHHHHHH! The police had to come and we had to be quiet while we waited for him to get there.
Me: So it didn't scare you at all?

So every things fine, wasn't traumatizing like I had thought, I worried for nothing. THANK GOD it was just a very mild accident and everyone was fine but I sure hope and pray it never happens again, no matter how exciting it was for the kids.


Jen said...

Just saw this. Sorry, Sarah, how scary for YOU, even if it wasn't for her. (((((((hugs))))))))))

Anonymous said...

Absolutely scary for Mom!!! Isn't that always the way!! So glad that she was alright and that it was nothing to her Sarah!!! Big hugs!

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