Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm getting frustrated!!!

UPDATE: I kinda feel bad for this post so had to update. Dr. L who I asked for help with my class schedule emailed me TODAY...on a SUNDAY, he really must have been busy last week. And the other guy, well...I realized after I wrote this post that....the email I sent him never went through. So I sent it again and am hoping to hear from him tomorrow or at least this week. I know they are both good people who are really willing to help me I was just getting frustrated because I feel like I am at a standstill with not much time left.

I just need to vent a minute! I am HOPING to start back to school in January. Classes start January 12th so just over a month. Yet I still don't know if everything is going to work out or not. Because I am over the number of hours for finacial aid (student loans is all we qualify for) I need the one guy in the education department to fix my degree audit. I have called the office several times, he always either has someone in his office or he's out at the moment. I have left messages a couple of times with the one girl who sounds young, she's probably a student. Yet he has never called me back! Finally I emailed him. Then I am really needing to go ahead and schedule my classes before the ones I need are filled up and I am left with nothing to take. So I contact my advisor, called, he was out of town so they tell me to email him. I do, he sends me a quick message saying he doesn't have time to look at it right then but he would for sure on Thursday and/or Friday. Well here it is almost 6 pm on Friday, no calls or emails from either one of them!! I am just frustrated. Both of the men I am refering to were so nice and willing to help me however they could back a couple months ago when I first contacted them. UUUGGGHHHHH!

2 posts from me in one day...can you believe it?!?! Well now I am off to START my Christmas shopping.


tafkalorelei said...

Hope everything works out for you girl! So excited for you! You are going to be so good at this!

Jen said...

((((((hugs))))))) I'm sorry you're getting the run around on this school stuff. I really, really hope it's worked out in time because I know how much you want to do it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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