Monday, December 1, 2008

This post is for Lori!

Lori at TAFKA requested ideas for Christmas themed craft ideas to do with her boys. WOOOHOOO right up my ally (however I am failing miserably as a babysitter because I couldn't tell you the last time we did a craft at my house :( maybe this will get me motivated)

Have you ever visited the Family Fun web site? They have a TON of crafts, recipes, fun ideas, printables...anything to make family life fun ;D

So here are a few of my favorites ~ just click the picture to go to the instructions.

My girls have never made these yet but they LOVE using a hole punch because of Polar Express (think of the tickets) so I am sure they would love these.

These don't look that cute but just using holiday color beads would be cuter. And I know for my kids (the ones I babysit, in Sunday School/Bible school, and Girl scouts) concentrating on putting beads on a pipe cleaner or sting, keeps them VERY quiet and still for quite a while :)

We have never tried these either but I think they are REALLY cute! I even saw them on some other web site where they cut out words and strung them together for a garland and it was CUTE!

These are much cute, IMO, painted red, and you can put their names and the year on them when they are finished.

I think these are cute. Have you ever heard of the Jesse Tree? These would be perfect for this.

Here are a few cards but the idea doesn't have to be used for a card, just on paper would be cute too.

Another hand print idea, which I could not find a picture of, is for a reindeer. You can use paint and actually do prints OR you can just trace on construction paper and cut it out (good cutting practice for them :) ) Do one foot print for the face and 2 hands for the antlers, then a red pom-pom for the nose and wiggly eyes.

Another thing the kids love to do is give them a big piece of green construction paper and let them cut out a tree (fold paper in half and cut on fold, you can even just draw a simple triangle for them to cut out). Give them glue and little pompoms, glitter, stickers, cereal, etc. and let them decorate their tree.

For food there are these ideas. We make these at Christmas party about every year but we use just round regular sugar cookies. You can also make them with cupcakes using chocolate icing on top with the same features as the cookie.

I think these are adorable, and quick and easy to make!

Oh and you can't forget the gingerbread houses and stuff. You can do the actual gingerbread ones.

And these trains are SOOOOO cute, especially for boys

Or here is an easier house using Graham crackers and all the goodies, including people and reigndeer, to go along with the house

Or the un-edible variety

Well I had planned to find some other ideas to share as well from somewhere other than family fun but this is getting quite long so here are some places I go to for ideas


Free Kids Crafts

Creative Kids At Home


The Craft Crow Blog

Crayola (I've never had much luck with the Crayola website, maybe it's just me, but it's not real user friendly but it looks like maybe they have changed it some so maybe it's better now)

I know there are more but this should get you started at least :D

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tafkalorelei said...

Thanks chick! I definetly plan on doing some of these!!!!

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