Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

To all Veteran's, whether you actually served or were the spouse or parent who supported those serving this country... THANK YOU!!!

At Bethanie's school each year they have a big Veteran's Day assembly. I had never been to it till this year. This year my Girl Scout troop got to participate. They, along with all the other scouts in the school, got to help with the flags. I was so proud watching her, wearing her GS uniform for the first time, walk in right along side a boy caring a flag. All the scouts had a look of such pride to be able to help with such an important assembly. This assembly turned out to be much, MUCH more than I ever thought it would be. After the scouts brought the flags in and put them in their proper stands, every one attending stood and re-sighted the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. Hearing all those voices, the children's echoing above the adults, in unison saying the pledge made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. A little later in the program, an invocation was given by a boy in 5th grade. The words he spoke to God were amazing...to be coming from a 5th grader at a PUBLIC school...it was just wonderful to hear! I went to high school with both his mom and dad, I can only imagine the immense pride they felt hearing him lead this whole gymnasium full of people in such an eloquent prayer. Then they honored the veterans that had been invited. Through out the program the 5th grade chorus performed 3-4 songs about America including the National Anthem. I was very pleasantly surprised at how great they sounded, it did not sound like a group of 10-11 year olds, they really sounded VERY good. Toward the end, they played a slide show of some of the students reading thank you notes that they had written with pictures of MANY veterans from our area, included in those pictures were my papaw "Popsie", one of my uncles, a cousin, and a cousin-in-law. My eyes feeled up with tears when I saw Popsie's picture pop on the screen, I could just picture him being there (he passed away in 2002), his eyes filled with tears, and the pride that would have been flooding his heart. I am so glad I went today, I was VERY impressed that an elementary school could put on such a great assembly honoring those who served this great country. And I was even more impressed by ALL 800+ students from grades preschool to 5th and how well behaved they were through the 90 minute program.
And Again....Thank You Veterans and those still serving!!

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