Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am blessed.....

And this week I have been reminded of that in a few ways. First on Wednesday night as we sat in church 2 ladies came in, one VERY pregnant, they were asking for money. The pastor asked them to come in, sit down, listen to the message, and then they would discuss what they were needing. They did! Most people refuse to come into church for the church service, I don't know if they are too embarrassed or if their conscience just won't let them (do they REALLY need money for food or did they go blow their money on drugs or alcohol). So as the ladies sat through church listening to the pastor's message about the trials we all go through, the one lady sat there and cried. So after services were over the pastor went to talk to the ladies. They were from out of town (about 90+ minutes away), they had just been to their mother's funeral and were trying to get back home. They were low on money, needed gas, and were hungry. The pastor gave them some money. They Thanked him a million times. The one also said she had just recently moved to where they are now living because her house had burned and she lost everything. Also that evening right as church was ending a man came in asking for money, saying he was hungry. I didn't hear his full story, but to help him without taking the chance of him using the money for cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol, he was told to go to the local grocery store, give the pastor's name and they would provide him with some food. Both of these instances reminded me that I am blessed that I have never had to beg for money because I am hungry. I also know that if extreme hard times were to hit (and they can for anyone, I know that) I have a family, church family, and close friends who would be willing to help us so hopefully we would never have to turn to strangers.

Two other stories I heard about just this weekend of people overdosing on drugs and dying. Both were family or friends of people I know. I am blessed that neither I, my DH, nor anyone in my immediate family, has ever had such an addiction that it goes so far as to take their life away. I hope and desperately pray that my children, nor any of my nieces or nephews, or any other friend or family member EVER become drug users.

And finally their is the boy who prayer was requested for him. He is a young boy, around 9 years old. He body recently was "attacked" by a viral infection that went to his heart. When he was finally doing better and regaining his strength little by little, a brain tumor was discovered. His prognosis is NOT good, his family has to make the decision for him to go through surgery and further treatment and get a year or so more time with him or just give meds in the attempt to reduce his pain and let him die. I am blessed that I have never been faced with such terrible decisions to make. I am blessed to have 2 healthy girls who are full of life and fun and bring so much joy to my life.

As I head to bed tonight I will pray for the two women that life will get easier for them. I will pray for the man that things won't be so hard for him either, that he can get his life on the right track. And for the friends and family of the two who overdosed, that they will find comfort in this difficult time and that these deaths can be used as a teaching tool to others who may be headed down the same path or to the children who will have choices to make in the near future. And also for the young boy and his family that they will be led to make the best decision and never have regrets which ever choice they make, and if it be God's will that he will perform a miracle on this young boy. I will also many, many thanks to God for all the blessings I have.

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