Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend!! What fun!

Happy Birthday America (a little late)!! Me and the girls had a very nice weekend. The night before the girls had spent the night with my mom, I stayed up REALLY late then slept in (till almost 1pm :0 ) then I met my mom and the girls at my cousin Hannah's house for a cookout and fireworks. I was a little disappointed going into the 4th because we would be missing the big show of fireworks that they put on at the river bank, but then it rained almost all day so the big show was postponed, YEA. It cleared up long enough for the cookout and most of the fireworks at Hannah's. We had a good time but I forgot to take my camera :(

See these pots? I just love them! I bought cheap ($1 I think, maybe $2) stone colored plastic pots, cut stars out of contact paper, stuck them to the pots then spray painted them red and blue. I think they turned out SO cute!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls in the yard on Saturday.

I love this picture! Elianna was refusing to look at me, I was following her around with the camera, finally told her just look over your shoulder at me PLEEEEEASE, this is the results.
Deep thought or angry??? with Elianna it's hard to tell, lol.

Then on Saturday the 5th we spent the day at home till evening. DH, the girls, and I went to Gatty's for dinner. They have a GREAT all you care to eat pizza/salad/pasta buffet, they had my favorite-Buffalo chicken pizza-YUMMY! After we ate we played for a while in their game room. Then me and the girls headed down to the river bank to get ready for the fireworks. We were really early so we just enjoyed the lovely evening, we went across the street for ice cream, and took a nice walk. Although the temp was very mild, our ice cream melted VERY quickly and we all 3 ended up with it all over us. So we walked to the nearby retirement center. Outside they have a beautiful area with a gazebo, fountain, and lots of flowers and greenery. It's just lovely! I told the girls they could wash themselves off in the fountain. I meant for just their hands to get in the water BUT....

They hopped right into it, shoes and all! Elianna stayed where she was just getting sprinkled on, Bethanie went around to the other side where the water was pouring down and got soaked! I had already decided I was going to enjoy my I just laughed :)There was also this drinking fountain there, you had to push a foot pedal to make it work, Bethanie had to hop on the pedal with both feet and jump to make it work, she's such a skinny Minni! Elianna's not, but she couldn't get it to work at all, lol.

Then we went down to the river bank. This was before the show and before the rest of the family we were meeting arrived. The girls were having a good time playing and dancing to the music from a local band. It's funny that it looks like there is hardly anyone there, there was actually a pretty big crowd.

Bethanie took this picture of Elianna and I as we waited for the show to start, I just love it!!! She did a GREAT job!

And Elianna took this picture of Bethanie and I, lol. My hand is out like that because I was signaling and telling her to RAISE IT UP.

The fireworks show wasn't anything great, rather short and not too exciting actually. After they were over we went home and went to bed.

Today we got up, went to church, went to a birthday party for my nephew, Nicholas, who turned 10 today!!! Left there and headed back to church. After services we had a little get together with sandwiches, wraps, and chips followed by a meeting to get things all finalized for VBS that will be the next week after this one. While the women were inside for the meeting the kids were outside playing in their new HUGE "sandbox" (it's actually a volley ball court :) ). We finally got home at a little after 10. We are all exhausted but wishing the long weekend didn't have to end. I'm dreading going back to the same old, same old. Hope everyone else enjoyed their long weekend as much as we did :D


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so incredibly adorable!!!! Looks like you had a blast!

tafkalorelei said...

The pics of the girls are so good. You are so darn creative girl!! Glad that you all had such a good weekend!

Jen said...

Those girls are just so photogenic! :) Absolutely gorgeous, and I also love those creative ideas you have! Send some my way, LOL!

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