Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm SOOOO ticked off...

at my husband, the old frog!!! I usually don't vent about him on here but today I just have to! This week has been so busy for me and my girls. We had bible school at our church, I helped out ALOT with decorating, crafts, snacks, and I taught 2 nights. I only saw DH pretty much in passing the whole week. Then yesterday we (not him, he spent the day at home playing his game) went over 2 hours away to the Creation Museum (very, VERY cool place but PACKED on Saturdays) to wrap up the week of Bible school. Dh had gotten free tickets to a Cincinnati Reds game for Sunday (today). All week I had dreaded it, I knew I was just going to be really tired and didn't like the idea of driving over 2 hours each way again after just doing it on Saturday, also I was frustrated at him because everyday this week he had done something that he KNOWS I hate (I won't get into what IT is because that would just lead to this post being MUCH too long). BUT when I asked him a few times through the week about what day/days we were going (he got tickets for next weekend too) he kept saying he wanted to go to both. No hesitation, he acted like he was looking forward to it. So I sucked it up and actually started looking forward to it, after all it was going to be just me and him, a day with no children after a week centering around them, it would be a nice break, I was just going to over look the IT that he did all week.

We got home late last night, after midnight after a nonstop day of the museum, wet playground, walk by the lake to feed the geese, Chuckee Cheese, then the long drive home. Had to completely inconvenience my mom (who went with us yesterday) to take the girls home with her to spend the night. I was TIRED. But I set the alarm to get up early today. I SO didn't want to get up when it went off but I did. I took a shower, shaved my legs (I don't do this nearly as often as I should), got all lotioned up, and he came to the door. We ended up "spending some time together" and it was great. As he was walking out of the room I asked "so what time are we leaving?" and his response..."I don't really feel like going." WHAT???? he said it wasn't that he didn't WANT to, it was that we really didn't have the money to go. I tell him I already filled the van up with gas and I had some cash left over. He said he would rather save the gas and save the money for next weekend because he was really wanting to go to the night game. I told him I would be getting paid for babysitting before next weekend so I would have extra money. Nah, it had nothing to do with the money...he just didn't want to go, he wanted to stay home and play that stupid game of his (world of warcraft, I am REALLY growing to HATE that game). After about 2 minutes of sitting in the bedroom thinking about how I really NEEDED this day with him, I went in to find him ALREADY playing his game and told him "let's just go, we already got gas, we got a babysitter, we can eat at McDonald's or somewhere else cheap, we can do it with out spending much money at all today. Then next weekend we can spend a little more money. I just want to spend the day with you." No! So then I got ticked, he was putting that STUPID game before me again, seems to be happening more and more here lately. I go in, have a little cry, decide it's a huge waist of $45 tickets for really good seats (he got them free from work) so I go ask him if he's sure we aren't going, he just gives me a look. So I call my dad, he's out of town, call my brother-in-law, he can't find anyone to go with him, so I give up. Matt says something about do you have the directions, me still fuming say why, that ticks him off, I said so are we going to go, and he snaps "if your going to act like this all day, I guess I am going to have to." Oh no! That just ticks me off EVEN worse than I already was. So I storm out of the room.

The more I thought about it the madder I got. So finally I went in and went off on him. Told him exactly how I felt about not really wanting to go at first but then looking forward to going so we would have an "US" day. I told him how frustrated I was at him for the IT he did all week but how I was willing to just let it go so we could have fun together. I told him if it wasn't for him doing that we would have had plenty of money to go. He tries to deny it saying he didn't spend any money for it, I KNOW he was lying and told him so, he didn't deny it, he knew he was caught. I got on the computer for a little while to calm myself down, then went in and layed in bed. I fell asleep, woke up and it was 2pm! I had slept for over 4 hours. Called my mom to tell her we didn't end up going and told her I would come pick the girls up in a little bit. I felt better after waking up, didn't feel as mad. I thought we can still do something so the "us" day isn't completely lost. So I go in where he is and ask him if he wants to go get something to eat. "No, I'm not hungry" UGH, "well we don't have to go right now", "nah, I don't want to". UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! That just makes me mad all over again.

So I wait till I am not so mad and I leave to go pick up the girls. I kept thinking how, since he is such a butt, the girls and I will just go do something fun. I get to my mom's, walk in, Elianna sees me and says "uuuhhhh, I don't want to leave, mommy you leave, me stay here with mamaw". Bethanie doesn't want to leave either. Oh, I felt so loved and wanted today, NOT!!!! I seriously had to just walk out of the room and turn my head because I could feel tears coming to my eyes. Bethanie got her shoes on and went out when I said lets go, but Elianna well it was a battle, just as it usually is with her. She just kept crying and saying "I don't wanna go with you".

A couple miles down the road she fell asleep. Bethanie and I decide we want to go get something to eat and get ice cream. We get there and Elianna will not wake up. I ordered what I knew she would want then sat her down in a booth so I could carry the food. She screams. I fight with her for a few and finally am able to go get the food. Nothing made her happy, she didn't like the drink, she didn't want her hot dog on a bun, she wanted a spoon for her applesauce, etc. Finally she eats and starts acting better. Then it was time for ice cream. I give her the options for what she wants. She decides on a vanilla cone, I asked her a couple times if she was sure, told her what Bethanie and I were getting, yes, she still wanted a vanilla cone.....that is until she got it...."I don't want this, I want what Bethanie has" uugghhh.

As we were about to finish up Bethanie notices that the sky had turned really dark, she knew a storm was coming. She has recently developed a HUGE fear of storms, so she starts crying and pacing the floor. I gather up our left overs and trash so we can hurry up and get out of there before it starts raining. As soon as I was out on the road I knew I should NOT have left that building. It turned out to be a REALLY bad storm. The wind was blowing, the rain was coming down in sheets extremely hard. I was trying to listen to the radio to make sure there was no tornado warnings/watches but I guess the weather was so bad, the radio kept going to static when the weather advisories would come on. I had to pull over 4 times because it would get to raining so hard and the wind blowing that I couldn't see and didn't feel like I could control the van well enough. Bethanie in the mean time is all huddled in a little ball in her booster seat, with her head between her knees and her hands over her ears all while she is crying and rocking back and forth. I didn't let her see it but I was extremely SCARED too. There was a little pond a ways from the road in a field we passed (before the rain started coming so hard) that had WAVES, I mean it looked like the ocean the waves were so big, I had never seen anything like it. I reached back and held Bethanie's hand till the wind started blowing us so hard that I felt like I was loosing control. Finally we made it home, safe and sound. Bethanie and I cuddle on the couch to watch a movie all while DH is, 10 hours after he first started, STILL PLAYING THAT STUPID GAME!!!!! It was such a lovely day. The only good things....the snuggles with Bethanie and the Thin Mint GS cookie blizzard I got from DQ, YUMMMMY.

I just hope and pray that tomorrow is a better day.


tafkalorelei said...

((((hugs)))) So sorry girl.

angie said...

Uggg, men!!! Sometimes I think we're better off without them. Sorry about your crappy day! P.S. That blizzard sure sounds yummy!!

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