Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me Monday...4th of July edition

I don't have time for pictures right now but here is my first attempt at Not Me Monday...Pictures will come later :)

I did not drink Dr. Pepper and iced tea all evening at work on Thursday evening knowing that caffine that late would keep me up and I most certainly did not finally fall asleep at 7 am on Friday morning due to all that caffine I had.

I also did not use that time through the night when I should have been sleeping in order to make both of the girls a dress to wear for the 4th of July. ( pictures coming soon, remember)

And I also most certainly did not sleep till 2 in the afternoon on Friday, good thing DH had the day off just in case I would have done something so crazy that day.

I did not nievely assume since I had kids that I would not be scheduled to work on the 4th of July even though I didn't put in a request to have the day off.

I did not pout around all day on the 4th knowing I had to go into work that night.

I did not cheer up when it started pouring down rain and continue to rain for hours.

I did not jump for joy and give out a big ol' YEA!! right on the front line at work when I heard the fire works had indeed been cancelled and rescheduled for the which I was OFF work.

And I did not keep a smile on my face ALL day on Sunday during church, a dinner and special service at church, and a birthday party/cookout, knowing I was going to get to take the girls to the fireworks after all on such a BEAUTIFUL night...and keep the long time tradition going :)

Now go visit MckMama and share what you did not do this week!

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Mama Nut said...

Stopping by from MckMama's website...what luck that it rained and you got to enjoy the fireworks with your princesses!

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